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Full newest info for VTC Coming soon!

Technical Details:

Algorithm: Verthash
Max Coins: 84 million.
Block time: 2.5 minutes
Subsidy halves every 840,000 blocks (~4 years)
Difficulty Re-Target Time: Every block with KGW algorithm
Block Rewards: 25 coins per block

Premine - None

There is no premine except three, normal blocks done to test the network (150 coins). You can use the block explorer below to look them up. Unlike many other coins, no one has received a large amount of free coins to dump on an exchange.

Merchants accepting VTC (there are many)

P2Pool Node Scanner http://scanner.vtconline.org


Shapeshift: https://shapeshift.io
Poloniex: https://poloniex.com/exchange#btc_vtc
Bittrex https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-VTC
LiteBit.eu: https://www.litebit.eu/en/buy/vertcoin

Dev-run block explorer http://explorer.vtconline.org
Bitinfocharts https://bitinfocharts.com/vertcoin/
vertcoin.info http://explorer.vertcoin.info/
bchain.info https://bchain.info/vtc/

How To Mine

Windows Nvidia

Windows AMD video

Windows AMD text

Ubuntu AMD

Ubuntu Nvidia

Setup your own p2pool

Windows guide :

text guide

Ubuntu guide:

Active Developers & Team

Jamesl22 / Zemrys: / Etang600 / Jk_14 / Gert-jaap / PKnight / Turekaj / CryptoPlankton


discord: https://discord.gg/vertcoin
twitter : https://twitter.com/Vertcoin
reddit : http://www.reddit.com/r/vertcoin/
IRC : #vertcoin on freenode

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